Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Stage One: Defining Needs

"Style is primarily a matter of instinct."
-Bill Blass

I was looking through my horde stash of patterns and fabrics, reviewing my haves and have nots and it dawned on me: I have no outline of what it is that I feel is missing from plus fashion. What are my needs? What are my wants?
Since I'm on mandatory vacation from work (
strep throat blah!) I figured now would be as good a time as any to define my style so that I can continue on my path of focused, conscious and happy dressing.


That last bit wasn't really related to this but there's always time for a cute break, no?

Awwwwww lookkit his wittle puff tail!!! ^_^

Now down to bidness

My absolute favorite wearable clothing designer:
Chado Ralph Rucci

all three looks from the Spring 2010 show

I think their ability to make flawless engineering and advanced technical expertise appear so light and easy and effortless is what just blows mah freakin mind.

O_O gimme a moment to gather mah brains...

Marc Jacobs

looks are from Marc Jacobs Spring 2010.

His work is always innovative, always fashion forward, and always a little bit crazy grandma.

Doesn't the first dress looks like a watercolor ghost-wash pen and ink illustration on a photograph?!?!


looks from Balmain Spring 2010.

Edgy and femme. I would love to wake up and be this woman everyday. This is why I sob quietly to myself in the dressing rooms of Torrid.

Anna Sui

looks from Anna Sui Spring 2010

She puts so much research into her incredible pieces, she should be better known just for all the homework required to produce her lines. Pattern and color are used fearlessly in her world.

Honorable Mention because they are too fabulous to NOT mention:
Dior (couture), Alexander McQueen R.I.P., Issa, Celine, Victor & Rolf and Pringle of Scotland


So the point of this excerise was to find looks I felt in one way or another embodied or reflected my ideal personal style. From the pictures it's obvious that I like color and drama and girly with a little edge.

Doing this periodically will help keep me from buying "good idea at the time" items. I have a tendency to buy things that have one design element I adore, but then realize when I get home that it ultimately isn't my style and doesn't go with anything else I own.

Denim banana peel skirt I'm talking about you...

Never again!

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