Monday, March 1, 2010

Next Stop Rut-ville. Population, me.

Oy so I'm lazing out on my "make clothes for me" non-resolution. I'm just kinda like funk that ya kno? EVERY SINGLE DAY I wake up REALLY super psyched to get crackin on some slopers but by the time I get home from a fitting/number crunching/temple rubbing day at work, feed the sprouts and check my emailz&fb, I just can't bring myself to start drafting the like 20 or so looks I'd like to create for my spring wardrobe. What's more frustrating is I KNOW I'M the only one that will suffer because of this lazing&avoiding attitude. Some amazing life changing social event (like my 30th birthday on friday) will inevitably creep up and send me into a panicked GLAM SPIRAL, FORCING ME TO SHOP AGAIN, WHICH WILL IN TURN LEAVE ME FEELING DEFEATED AND FRUSTRATED AND DETERMINED TO RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE WITH CHALLENGING PROMISES I MAY NOT BE ABLE TO KEEP, PLACING ME RIGHT BACK WHERE I SIT TODAY PROCRASTINATING BY BLOGGING ABOUT HOW CRAPPY THINGS WILL BE IF I CONTINUE TO PROCRASTINATE. BREATHE ... BREATHE.... WOOoooooooooo.... . . . . namaste.

It's a vicious, hateful cycle. Ugly like Jesus sandals with knee-highs.

On the plus size (HAR) I've been working out and I'm down 5 lbs! HUZZAH! Yeah, its probably water weight BUT STILL how inspiring is that?!?!?!?
I'm considering getting a bodybugg because the chic over at le blog auhsem-- Token Fat Girl has one and I'm a shopping whore who can't bear to be outdone. Haha, I'll probably just sit around in it with branded workout clothes on looking all smugly informed and conscious, dramatically checking the watch reader while slowly nodding and making audible sounds of satisfaction. "ASK ME WHAT IT DOES. LET ME BLOW YOUR MIND."
I am so getting one for my birthday now....

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